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Full Business Plan

A full business plan contains all formats of a business, including: marketing, operations, supply chain, forecast results, industrial analysis, market analysis, organizational structure, statistical data of your competitors, a financial analysis, critical risk assessment, a contingency plan, and a milestone timeline for new projects.


Marketing Plan with a Financial Analysis 

A marketing plan with a financial analysis is primarily used as a formal proposal.  This plan is very extensive, and can be ideal for investor shopping.  It is both simple and informative; which makes your business easy to understand for angel investors and venture capitalist.


Business Proposal

A business proposal is a very broad shadow of your company.  The business proposal’s ideal use is to train contract workers of the core competencies of one’s institution; as well as give an overview of the company’s marketing, operation, organizational structure, and financial forecast results for the upcoming two or three years.  Very simple and direct literature employees can take home with them to understand the expectations of an organization.