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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Today, our company is working on setting agreements and contracts for a small business owner that owns and operates his own vehicle repair business.  Noel David specializes in motor vehicle repairs of high end imports.  He now has a new location in East Phoenix, AZ, and wants to maximize the capability of the large lot he has acquired.  Noel David, of Noel’s Mobile Auto Repair, has over twenty years of experience in the car repair business.  He studied as an aerospace engineer repair tech in southern California, a long time ago.  Noel wants to use his expertise to develop and repair large trucks and trailers.  He sees the capital potential in fixing UPS and FedEx trucks owned by franchise owners, and believes this may be an area of entry that sets his business away from the competition.  Since Noel is already in a specialized field, understands the dynamics of plane engines, and has such a vast amount of automotive experience, I think the transition will be a ‘no brainer’, and he should do very well.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Today was spent producing a bunch of videos for new and potential clients.  Part of our skill asset is in video production.  As a group, we felt that supplying video ads for our clients will help our customers gain more trust by potential customers, and ultimately penetrate new markets.  We all understand that there is no guarantees in advertising, but the most important element in applying self generated ads is to make sure our ads reach the amount of people we our anticipating, within a dedicated time frame.  

Sunday January 24th

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, and getting ready for the December events.  The holiday season is the perfect time to introduce your business to the greater part of your family, all at once.  What better time of the year is there to display a short business proposal to the rest of your family than over a hot turkey and some Thanksgiving Day football. Part of business is to be opportunistic.  Use your business proposal to explain the core of your company, and leave a few full business plans for the family members that strike an interest in what you are doing.  It shows preparation, professionalism, and the people close to you begin to take you very serious.  Happy holidays, and make sure you’re prepared for these time periods next time around; if you haven’t called in an order already!