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Intellectual Property Rights

If your inventions are new and unknown, make sure you get the proper Copyright, Trademark, and Patent ownership rights documented by the US Department of Trademarks and Patents.  All legal ownership rights must be approved by your state and federal offices to protect from infringement and other forms of misuse.  The best time to file is NOW!

Financial Analysis

Statistical information will give you a leg up against the competition.  A financial analysis with forecast results will allow the business owner to spend properly, reduce their COGs, maximize their inventory, and re- establish the power of low risk investments while diversifying one’s portfolio.  You’ve heard it many times over: ‘The main reason businesses fail, is due to their inability to plan for financial downfalls.’
Express Solutions is a business finance consultation firm.  Since 2006, we have specialized in serving the small business market by recreating their organizational profile from top to bottom.  Our business clients benefit by utilizing our networks to capitalize on the ever emerging e-commerce market; as well as the traditional face to face and brick and mortar marketing formats. Our leaders, start the evaluation process with a series of formal meetings to further understand the client’s core competencies, and the direction the company is growing; in it’s respected industry.  Often, small businesses create a marketing edge by offering supreme customer service and experiences not achieved by the industry leaders, or large organizations.  This is why we enjoy serving our small business market.  We like helping the people that take the time to assist us! The next phase of our consultation service program is to develop a business plan.  A business plan is a step by step process that illustrates the direction of the company’s marketing efforts, the construction of their organization, a description of the business and it’s contingency plan, the risk involved while doing business in challenging demographics, the direct competition and how we plan to set ourselves apart from them, an operations plan, financial analysis with a critical risk assessment, statistical information detailing the trends, demand, and forecast results dependent on the buyer’s behaviour, and a few other items to clearly describe how the company can grow from its current rankings. A business plan can also be the designed format used to gain interests from investment parties.  With a business plan, a venture capitalist or angel investor can start the necessary due diligence, and weigh the volatility of the investment against the expected return.  A full financial analysis, with proper bank statements, is ideal for any investor.  Many times over, investors forgo great innovative ideas because the proper information is not provided in a realistic, accurate manner.  We take ethics serious, and want to engage the M&A process by representing our clients in the best manner possible.